Personalize how you watch sports with your first Smart Sports Remote


  • Switches the channel so you never miss the best parts of the game
  • Connects wirelessly to cable box or TV
  • Pairs with the YourZone app
  • Monitors your favorite teams and players 24/7
  • Play-by-play of the best parts of the games

Your First Personal Sports Caddy!

Isn't she GREAT!

Powered by YourZone's sports intelligence, Ashley

Calibrates to your personal tastes

Switches channels to the best parts of any game

Tracks your favorite teams and fantasy players 24/7


It's All Coming Together!


When you're on top of your fantasy players and sports bets, life is great!
We help you effortlessly manage your fantasy leagues and bets in one place.

Your Sports

Say Bye Bye to FOMO!

With YourZone's predictive alerts, the GameChangr tunes your TV to the best game for you to watch. 

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Follow the easy setup instructions to start taking control of how you watch sports!