Our Story

It all started with a problem every sports fan has faced.


How it all Began

Every fall weekend, it’s almost a given that you’re going to miss an insane comeback, upset, or a crucial play that changed everything. Imagine a world where you can watch every great sports moment that matters to you, live.

OmniView Sports founder Nikhil Patel became frustrated with TV remotes that only toggle between two channels, with the NFL RedZone package switching at inopportune times, and with missing key moments from favorite teams and fantasy players. It was time for a new solution, so he developed the OvsZone intelligence. At OmniView sports, we set out to solve all of those problems — and much more.

Relax while GameChangr does the work.

Manage your teams, fantasy, and betting in one place. Our personalized algorithm keeps up with even the super-fan’s multiple accounts. So sit back and know you’ll never miss an important moment.

Ready to get started?

Get your GameChangr and start your personalized sports experience today.

Imagine a world where your TV becomes a personalized sportsbook experience. Watch every great sports moment that matters to you, live.

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