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How it Works


Connect effortlessly to your cable box or preferred streaming service

Follow the easy setup instructions to start taking control of how you watch sports. Choose your favorite sports to watch and teams to follow, pair the YourZone app with your GameChangr device, and connect your streaming providers. OmniView’s YourZone app knows your favorite sports, teams, players, fantasy leagues, sportsbooks, and cable/satellite and streaming services.


Never miss a great game with the YourZone predictive app

The YourZone app predicts what’s going to happen before it does. YourZone uses sports-play feeds, machine learning, and odds-pricing simulations in real time and calculates our Excitement Metric specifically for your interests. Together with GameChangr, it wirelessly controls your cable box or TV so you never miss an exciting moment.


Monitor your favorite teams, fantasy leagues, and sportsbooks in one place

Follow your teams and check up on all of your fantasy leagues and sportsbooks in one place. The YourZone app monitors your favorites 24/7 and calibrates to your personal tastes—making sure you watch every great moment, live. OmniView’s GameChangr talks to your cable box to show what’s most important to you—right now.


GameChangr & YourZone Bundle


A customized game feed, just for you. YourZone knows what you’d want to watch, before you do — and takes you to that game from the touch of a button.


Never miss a great moment from your fantasy team. Know when your player is on the field and in the RedZone so you don’t miss the moment he leads your team to victory.


Find the best odds to help you beat the book. You’re one touch away from placing bets at your favorite sportsbook.


And More

Keep up with live play-by-play, stats, and box scores. Get alerted when something awesome is about to happen… and so much more.

Who We Are

Sport’s fans that were tired of missing out on great moments.

We wanted a personalized RedZone experience for all sports… so we created OmniView Sports.

Ready to get started?

Get your GameChangr and start your personalized sports experience today.

Imagine a world where your TV becomes a personalized sportsbook experience. Watch every great sports moment that matters to you, live.

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