Never miss a great game.

Are you the kind of person that wants total control of your sports viewing and betting experiences? ​

We have something amazing for you.

The plays and games that interest you the most.
Always witnessed live.

Personalized viewing experience

Our proprietary algorithm combines real-time sports data with your viewing preferences. We can use your fantasy teams, bets, favorite teams and players to give you a personalized viewing experience across ALL sports.​ Why use RedZone, if you can have YourZone for all sports, gambling, and fantasy?


Introducing the GameChangr

The GameChangr powers your personalized viewing experience. ​

The OVS app predicts what’s going to happen before it does, and the GameChangr gets you to that game by wirelessly controlling your cable box or TV. ​

You just connect the GameChangr to the OVS app, and sit back and relax for an amazing experience.

Your sports, your turf

Witness the best live sports moments for that ultimate viewing experience for you and your friends. All on a single TV and from the comfort of your home.

All sports needs covered.

live sports

A personalized YourZone ensures you never miss a live sports moment that matters to you. Automated channel changing with the GameChangr.

Fantasy sports

Catch the best action from fantasy players live by syncing your teams from ESPN, Yahoo Fantasy, FanDuel and DraftKings.

IN-APP BET tracking

Integrate multiple sportsbooks and be one-click away from instantly placing bets with the best odds to maximize your payouts.

Live sports data

Receive up to the second stats of your teams’ and players’ performance and follow our play-by-play live feed.

Social feed

Hear what the sports fan community has to say and join the conversation with our Twitter integration.

Featured sports.









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